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Surprised by Theresa May’s snap General Election? So were we… With the 8th of June fast approaching you have a limited amount of time to gather and filter through the extensive information out there in order to make your own informed decisions. But don’t worry our AI has you covered to make smarter, better decisions in less time! We have provided you with news stories which have been carefully filtered and curated by our AI to provide you with the data that really matters. Not only that, there is also an overview of the social volume for each party as an indicator of the Nation’s persuasion as it unravels in real-time. You can also see all major stories, sentiment and social volume split by Party to help inform your voting decision. Happy Days!

As an added bonus, we have created this landing page for FREE as we believe that everyone should have all the information needed to make better, smarter decisions. This value is fundamental for our primary purpose: giving traders all the information they need as soon as it comes in for them to make their best decision.

A bit more about us...’s Artificial Intelligence Engine is at the center of our platform. It works in the same way: scans the web universe and filters out irrelevant investment content and only surfaces what is relevant to you. This allows traders to not only mitigate their risk but also to find potential trading opportunities that our AI alerts you to. Choose what you want to watch from over 9,000 equities, the major Forex Pairs, and commodity market. To give you an insight, we filter and process an iPad's worth of data every 12 seconds to ensure that we only deliver the information and insights that matter to you and your trading decisions. Why not take advantage of this and sign up for your FREE account today?

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